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Stoneyfield Forest Trip

On Monday the 14th of May 2018 Drumblade school went to Stoneyfield forest to learn about nature and forestry machinery. They were all very amazed with how the forestry worked and what it did. Here’s what one pupil, Colbie Mitchell, P5 thought of the whole experience.
“It was very exciting, I enjoyed it and I liked seeing all the machinery.”
One of the pieces of machinery was a wood cutter. It pulls the trees up out of the ground and then gets a tight grip of the tree and cuts it up into pieces, to either be made into fire wood or to make paper.
The other piece of machinery loads the cut up trees into the trailer, to be taken away to be worked with.
Another pupil, Robbie Gordon, P 5 said “I thought it was great and the earmuffs on the helmet were cosy!”
This was a whole school trip from P 1 to P 7.
Everyone really enjoyed trying to use the five senses to find nature, and trying not to get lost. Although they had to be careful for bear traps and especially for looking out for the bears themselves.
Some pupils even claim they heard the bear! But they didn’t stick around to find out what would happen next!
I hope you enjoyed hearing about Drumblade School’s trip to Stoney wood forest.
By Hannah Gordon.

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